As a little geek growing up in Queens, NY, I had an obsession with screens. TV screens, computer screens, movie screens, game screens—if it was electronic and glowed, I wanted to be immersed in it. This obsession turned into a career of building content for those screens that I loved so much.

In college, I had fun interning for awards shows like the IFP Gotham Awards and the Director’s Guild of America Honors. After graduating from New York University in 2002, I was lucky enough to get a job at CNN, where I worked my way up until I achieved the glorious title of “producer.”

Somewhere in there, I entertained my parents’ dream for me to become a lawyer and spent some time at Court TV. I also worked for and found a mentor in Marie Brenner, an author and writer-at-large with Vanity Fair. Later, I ventured into web media as a senior editor for First30Days.com, where I discovered a new love for writing and producing video.

Recently, I worked as a digital producer for CNN’s “Early Start” and “Starting Point.” 

Whether it’s landing an interview with a major newsmaker, writing and editing informative content or making goofy videos, I’ve spent my life making sure that when people sit down to look at those glowing screens, they’ll feel some of that same happiness I did as a kid.