Thanks for visiting Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I consider myself to be a modern media master: A one-woman band, if you will. I’m just as comfortable writing and editing copy, as I am booking and coordinating major international newsmakers, and I am consulting on social and digital content strategy.

Most recently, I served as the digital producer for CNN’s “Early Start” and “Starting Point.” I am also co-founder of Pareidolia Films LLC, and I’ve worked at other major media outlets like Court TV, ABC News and Blakeway TV/BBC News.

But I’m not all business. I love to travel. I’m proud of my Spanish/Iowan heritage. I played cello with the National Youth Symphony twice at Carnegie Hall. And I can certainly tell you that my spicy macaroni and cheese can beat any recipe in a contest.

Take a look around at what I have done. Feel free to connect with me on the social sites below.